Supported by a grant from Norway through the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014-2021, in the frame of the Programme "Business Development and Innovation Croatia"




Project Promoter: MARSERVIS, Croatia


Project description: The main objective is the development and application of the innovative blue product "ECOcube" – an ecological island for the reception of solid waste and wastewater from the vessel and introduction of "ECOcube" as a new product to the enterprise and to the market.

Aim: Reception of solid waste and wastewater from the vessels.

The expected outcomes:

  • Increase in turnover: 114%
  • Increase in net operating profit: 620%
  • Estimated number of jobs created: 2
  • Number of new IPRs: 2
  • Estimated annual decrease of CO2 emissions: – 10.43 t
  • Estimated annual decrease of energy: – 2.16 mW
  • Estimated annual re-use or recycling of material: 3.60 t

The expected outputs:

  • Development of "ECOcube" prototype – developed – completed, tested and validated (in operational environment)
  • Development of "ECOcube" preproduction prototype – innovative bio-materials applied in the production process of "Eco Cube" – innovative technology in production process of "Eco Cube"
  • Application of low-carbon materials in production
  • Application of renewable power sources in product
  • Collection of waste within commercial operations of product
  • Application of solar cells
  • Application of a bio-material
  • Re-use/recycle of collected plastic, glass, paper and metal
  • Development of "ECOcube" will mitigate water pollution through annual re-use of recycling of collected plastic, glass, paper and metal (expected 3.6 tonnes)


A1. Development of ECOcube

  • WP1 – Preparation of the detailed design and documentation of the ecological island
  • WP 2 – Optimization of the production process
  • WP 3 – High-level prototyping
  • WP 4 – Demonstration of an ecological island in an operational environment)

A3. Industrial design and patent application

A4. ECOcube training and fairs

PM1. Project Management and Coordination

P.1. Publicity

Total project value: 370.461 € (MARSERVIS 249.667 €, CSS 120.794 €)

Total grant: 218.000 € (MARSERVIS 146.000 €, CSS 72.000 €)

Project implementation period: 01.05.2023 – 30.04.2024

Phone: +385 98 254 903, e-mail:


IDENTIFIED PROBLEM. The problem of discharging all types of waste into the sea due to the lack of suitable collection centers available to sailors has been identified.

The only solid waste collection centers are located in marinas or ports, which are overloaded and unable to handle wastewater.

SOLUTION. ECOcube; a floating collection station for solid waste and wastewater from vessels.

Patent pending no: P20230887A

DEFINITION. ECOcube is a modular floating object intended for the collection of solid and liquid waste from vessels.

DIMENSIONS. Depending on the user’s needs, surface designs from 6 x 2.5 meters to 12 x 5 meters are possible

ASSEMBLY. Simple assembly, the size of the parts adapted to standard transport.

About the project


  • Easily accessible without the need to deviate from planned routes (no detours).
  • Separate collection of all types of waste from vessels. 
  • Refilling vessels with desalinated water.


  • Made entirely out of biocomposite materials. Fully autonomous, with no need for fuel.
  • A center for collecting all types of waste, significantly reducing environmental pollution.
  • Construction material: biocomposite – natural fibers and bioepoxy resin – patent pending for the biocomposite manufacturing process number: P20211881A.
  • The necessary energy for operation is obtained from 30 kWh installed battery packs supplemented by 7 kW photovoltaic panels.
  • The construction materials and required energy sources place ECOcube in the group of products with a very low impact on the environment.

Monitoring and controlling

  • each ECOcube has built-in GPRS module for communication with the service provider and Wi-Fi module for communication with the user 
  • the service provider receives information about the amount of waste in each container, the state of the battery and, upon request, video camera records
  • when necessary, the service provider empties the containers and transports the waste to the collection center on the coast


  • Black water tank: 8,000 liters
  • Desalinated water tank: 4,000 liters + 120 liters per hour
  • Solid waste containers: 10 containers, each holding 1,000 liters
  • Built-in AIS transponder for easy locating Environmental sensors to monitor changes Tank and battery condition sensors
  • Video surveillance system
  • Wi-Fi system
  • GPRS communication system with the operator

Steps of use


  1. Sailors can find information about the location of the collection center on their MFD or mobile application via AIS system along with their planned route.
  2. Easily dock alongside a floating pontoon that remains at the same level relative to tides.
  3. Free disposal of solid waste in separate containers. Separate collection of solid waste from vessels in the following categories: plastic, glass, metal, paper and mixed waste with a total capacity of 10m3.
  4. A user-friendly interface for selecting services, such as emptying black water from the boat or refilling the boat with desalinated water.Sailors can choose the service through a mobile application or a user screen located on ECOcube, and use contactless payment.
  5. Using the services is simple. To pump out black water, you only need to connect a provided hose to the boat’s onboard connection, which uses a vacuum system to remove black water. Upon completion, the device automatically flushes the pipes, eliminating odors or any potential leaks. Refilling with desalinated water is done simply with a connecting hose into the vessel’s water tank.