Fireboat 11.80

The Furibond 11.80 represents the perfect combination of elegance and maritime abilities. It is a vessel that boasts the power of its design with the performance of the hull according to the Model Calafuria and reaches a speed of up to 35 knots. It stands out for its extraordinary navigability both in calm and bad sea.

Furibond is intended for professionals, but also for lovers of the sea and fishing. The large cockpit provides enough space for complete safety and is ideal for cruising or for professional fishing. Certainly, the vessel can be used for other activities such as a firefighting vessel, an off-road vessel or a delivery vessel for fish farms.

The main characteristics of the vessel are:

length over only 11.80 m, width 4.20 m, draft: 0.70 m, and the capacity is 12 passengers.