PROeco is an eco-catamaran partially made of natural, environmentally friendly materials powered by environmentally friendly, solar energy, which represents a significant step forward in the field of research and development on a global scale.

The eco-catamaran, PROeco 60, 19 meters long and 7.5 meters wide, is designed to carry 100 passengers with two crew members. Powered by an environmentally friendly electric drive, the catamaran is fully equipped with all the necessary equipment, and uses biocomposites in construction, which significantly reduces the impact on the environment.

A key element of the PROeco catamaran is the response to the environmental challenges of modern society, providing smart and environmentally friendly transport solutions. Using materials rarely used in maritime and water transport, eco-catamaran represents a global novelty.

The eco-catamaran project is also aligned with future trends in the shipbuilding sector that require a reduction in the energy consumption of ships and the achievement of high environmental standards. Through continuous investments in the construction of ships aimed at environmental protection, Marservis d.o.o. wants to position itself as one of the leaders in sustainable shipbuilding.