About us

Marservis d.o.o. was founded in 1994 after many years of experience of its founder acquired in nautics while working abroad in various marinas and charter companies.

In its beginnings, the company is based on services in nautical tourism and jobs related to electronics and electricity. The development of the company includes various service activities related to the installation of equipment on vessels and Marservis becomes a service partner of renowned world manufacturers of nautical equipment. After repeated inquiries and curiosity for new knowledge, In 2002 Marservis started producing its first vessels the renowned "Adria 501". At the same time, along with the production of "Adria 501", the idea of fisherman's own project is born, and after two years of development, the first model from the Picaro 20 series comes on the market, which, listening to the demands of the market, receives two more different models in its series.
In the following years, cooperation with the Swiss partner and the development and construction of vessels for the transport of passengers 8.5 m and 10.5 m long Aquabus series, powered exclusively by electric motors and solar panels, began.

Having achieved success in the construction of boats for sports and leisure, the idea of creating a new vessel turns towards a professional, i.e. the construction of a working vessel, so the Fisherline 35 model is designed, which is a multipurpose working vessel intended for the transport of passengers, cargo, professional fishermen, fish farms or diving expeditions.

With Fisherline 35, our slogan "our boat for your successful business" is created because that is also our motto, approach each customer personalized and adapt the vessel to the needs of business.

In addition to vessels from its own development, Marservis produces semi-displacement vessels from the "Grašo" series under the name G: G19, G20, G23, G646 and G696, and from 2019, multipurpose vessels Furibond 950 and Scorpionero 11.80, primarily intended for professionals, but lovers of sea and cruise.

Marservis today operates in a modern production facility of 600 m2 and employs 15 employees who are always ready for the changes, novelties and challenges sought by the market of nautics and small shipbuilding.