Service services


The company Marservis d.o.o. performs all tasks related to the installation of new and repair of existing electronic equipment on vessels. We perform our work in service and on the ground along the entire Adriatic coast. We are authorized dealers and repairers for the first installation and warranty repairs of the world's leading manufacturers Raymarine and Navico group, Simrad, Lowrance, B>.

Osmosis rehabilitation

Osmosis rehabilitation is carried out using the HOT VAC vacuum system, which guarantees absolute safety in the drying out of the underwater part of your boat. Osmosis remediation using the HOT VAC system greatly shortens the time it takes to dry out safely. After removing the layers of anti fouling and gelcoat, gel-plane, which guarantees even planing, rinse the surface with fresh water (steam) temp. 140° at a pressure of 80 bar.  After washing the surface, we close the space due to weather conditions and approach drying at a speed of approximately 2m2 /day. After checking, we start rinsing again and fine grinding.

On such prepared surface we apply 5 times 200um wet film epoxi resin type international Gelshield, between which the surface is additionally flattened with epoxy putty with a safe thickness of 1.5mm. On such a prepared surface we apply 2 additional epoxcoats of type International Gelshield 200 and antifouling according to customer's wishes.

Please note that when repairing osmosis, we must change all underwater passers-by of the hull with associated valves, the new valves are composite design that guarantees the longest durability. On the work done, we issue a 5-year warranty on labor and material. The prices of osmosis remediation are formed per m2 of the underwater part of the hull.

Electrification of vessels

Installation of trolling motors